My Sailor sits on a shelf in my office watching over me. I have a few more ventriloquists' dummies but he is my favourite. He's a bit moth-eaten but he still works. I don't know where he originally came from but I think he must have been made for a seaside performance.  Gaynor   
  It used to hang in my grandparents' sitting room in Germany. I always thought it was very kitsch when I was young. I have never liked artificial flowers. But since I have inherited it, I like it very much. It has been hanging in my living room for decades, in remembrance.  Gisela   
  This paper chain of boys and girls was created by my mother and was hung in the kitchen in Cornwall. She was an interior designer and made fabric using highly contrasting shapes based on natural forms. These must have influenced my own work as a woodcut artist.  Martin   
  My father Alexander followed his father into the family painting and decorating business after the war in the late 1940s. These brushes were used for producing graining effects, a technique he learnt at the local technical college. My Auntie Helen remembers him practising on his mother's doors – my mother obviously didn't encourage this in his own house until he had perfected the skill. Eventually he did decorate all the doors and surrounds in our house in the 'wood effect'. I love the addition to the collection of the paper form a 1949 book he used to wrap the brush in.  Maureen   
  This is a photo of my mother dressed as a pirate for a ballet performance. I found the lovely old photo frame in a junk shop which just so happened to be close to where she grew up. The two go well together and I love having this picture of my mother aged eight.  Lara   
  This little red horse my father gave to his mother after a ski trip to Norway or Sweden. I love horses and when she passed away I was asked if there was anything I would like and it was an obvious choice to have the little red horse as it reminded me of them both.  Lara   
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