Gabie, Lucy & Seb — Sister, black shoes for fieldwork in Sudan. Sister-in-law, brown boots for hanging out. Brother, blue sneakers for attempting to look trendy.   
 Jessie, Daniella & Wesley —  These are my 'practical mummy' shoes - bought in a the children's department in a sale - they are super comfy! The red trainers are my three and a half year old son Jesse's and the socks are my little nine month old Wesley's.    
 Kira, Ella & Shell —  Three and a half years ago, Kira and Ella met on a bench as new students on the same course. Not knowing anyone, they were happy to meet each other and have been greatest friends ever since. One and a half years later Shell became one of Ella's favourite things.    
 Mary & Alan —  I thought it would rain but I am utterly fed up with enclosing my feet. Birkenstock are good in the rain, keeping you above the wet. I haven't worn these for twenty years or so, but it looked so wet so I suffered the torment of putting them on.    
 Fara, Tonia & Mina —  These are my most comfortable shoes. They make me feel stylish and carefree. I bought these shoes with my childhood friend, with whom I'm no longer in touch. They remind me of the good times we spent together. They were given to me by my aunt. Flat shoes often give me blisters, but these don't.    
 Alan & Ahmed —  They do the job! Hard wearing, comfortable, waterproof and at a bargin price in Lidl. What more is there in footwear?    
 Priya & Felix —  Some well loved and well worn boots that took a huge hit at the Queen's Jubilee Parade where it rained solidly for 4 hours. A lustrous pair of sheepskin desert boots. Passed to me by my good friend, housemate and brother-in-spirit, Barnaby Bowles-Bray. Sadly their days are numbered, wether worn, ripped and torn.    
 Jim —  My 2012 Gamesmaker trainers – well worn and proud.    
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